Carson Tyndall

Carson Tyndall
Role  Adversary
Status  Living
Who May Play  Longshot, Stormwolfe, Others may ask.
Created By  Stormwolfe, Longshot
Character Use  Carson was created in homage to the ever-present evil lawyer archetype. He is an attorney who can use the law for personal gain and can be ruthless when achieving his clients’ goals.
Basic Info
Approximate Age  Late 50s to early 60s
Marital Status  Married
Residence  Kalispell, Montana Territory
Place of Birth  Chicago, IL
Height  6’2′
Build  Medium
Hair Color  Salt and pepper
Eye Color  Black



Attorney, Tyndall Associates.


Carson is the consummate professional with a twist. He tends to appear more rumpled than dapper although he is always well-dressed. In looks, he is more compelling than outright handsome, but it is his voice that enraptures people with its deep and resonant tone.

Pragmatic, determined, ruthless, and resourceful are the best ways to describe Carson Tyndall III. First and foremost, he wants to win at all costs and employs a troubleshooter named Red Collier to see that he wins and his clients are kept happy.


Born: Carson Tyndall III

Carson is the third generation of Tyndall men to go into the family legal business. After its formation in New York, the firm was relocated to Chicago, Illinois where it rose to prominence. Carson’s father was the primary attorney for the Harper family and when the old man passed, they became Carson’s clients.

However, the Harpers were not Tyndall Associates only powerful client in the territory. Carson had secured the Steelgrave account after being approached by Elinor. She was willing to share the wealth, if he would undermine the Harpers, eventually securing Lost Lake Ranch for the Steelgraves. However, Chance Harper became suspicious when livestock contracts were given to the Steelgraves and some of the family businesses began suffering losses. He brought in H.G. Mercer for an analysis and when she discovered that Tyndall also worked for the Steelgraves, his firm was dismissed.

Carson is now the Steelgraves private attorney and is as determined as they are to end the the Harpers.