Case Steelgrave

Role Villain / Enemy
Status Living
Who May Play Longshot / Stormwolfe, Others by request, mentions are allowed.
Created By Stormwolfe / Longshot
Character Use Case Steelgrave is our faster-than-lightning gunslinger archetype. In modern times, he would profile as a serial killer. He is an implacable enemy.
Basic Info
Approximate Age  Mid-to-late 30s
Marital Status  Single (2 wives died mysteriously)
Residence Steelgrave Ranch, Whitefish, Montana Territory
Place of Birth St. Louis, Missouri
Height 5’8″
Build Slight, slender, muscular
Hair Color  Golden Brown
Eye Color  Blue


Profession: Town Marshal, Whitefish, Montana

Case Steelgrave has been several things in his life, but the one that suited him best was killer. To that end, he presents himself as a high stakes gambler. In the past, this allowed him to use accusations of cheating to goad his target into a gunfight.

Case has recently settled in the town of Whitefish and taken over the role of town marshal. He has a carefully selected gang of men that support him and act as deputy marshals.


Case Steelgrave is handsome and charming. He is also a cold-blooded killer. If met on the street or in a social setting, most people would say, “He’s so handsome and pleasant. I just can’t believe he’d kill anyone that wasn’t threatening him.”

As a child living in St. Louis, Case was fascinated with the tales of life out west. He wanted the glamorous life of a high stakes gambler and the homage he perceived to be accorded to gunfighters. Case also has avoided jail by always managing to goad his target into drawing first, therefore the killings have all been in self-defense.

Case is always well dressed in the latest style. Having taken on the role of town marshal in Whitefish, he takes great pride in displaying the shining badge on the breast of his jacket or vest. He’s finding that being a marshal gives him a perfect niche for continuing his true calling, being the most feared gunman that ever lived. His most distinctive feature is his voice. It is deep. rather slow in intonation, and very classy. The accent is rather undefined, but is most similar to the British accent of one who has been classically educated.


Case was born to Elias and Elinor Steelgrave in St. Louis, Missouri. Elijah was a millionaire and business tycoon. He was the type of man that expected to be accorded respect simply because of who he was. However, Elinor Steelgrave, Case’s mother, was the reason he would grow up to be a killer. She was controlling, manipulative, and sociopathic. She took the slightest slight to anyone in her family, particularly her husband, and held it close until she could destroy the person that committed the perceived transgression.

As a child, Case was aloof and something of a loner. Growing up, he was inundated with tales of the frontier and the colorful men that had made names for themselves. He wanted to be one of those men. Even more, he wanted to be the one that everyone talked about with fear and respect throughout history. His indulgent mother assisted him in his pursuits. When she learned how dexterous he was in manipulating a deck of cards and a handgun, she found people who could teach him to make the most of those abilities.

After being discharged from school for refusing to leave his new six-gun and gun belt at home, Case settled into learning how to actually make a living as a gambler. He was very good at reading cards and people. He also found it was a good way to target someone as tempers tended to run hot in high stakes games. He earned the nickname Case due to using the Case of Spades as his calling card. When he eliminated a rival, he’d drop the card on them as he walked away.

Case traveled the world under the guise of a wealthy gentleman and gambler. This was his cover for taking jobs as a high priced gunfighter. He referred to himself as an enforcer who liked to gamble, but only with someone else’s life.

Method of Operation

  • Case’s former base of operations was El Paso, Texas.
  • Prospective employer puts a personal ad in the El Paso Chronicle (newspaper) that names a city or town.
  • Case responds to the ad by mailing in a response that names a bank, usually in the city or town listed in the ad.
  • Steelgrave travels to the place specified and retrieves his fee. Then goes to the post office to pick up a letter (addressed to him via general delivery). The letter has the name of the person he is supposed to kill.
  • Case then spends as much time as it takes to goad his target into a fight, forcing the other person to draw on him so he can claim self defense.

Note: Case still subscribes to the El Paso Chronicle.

Looks Like

Case looks most like Alan Rickman from Quigley Down Under

See also The Steelgraves.