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Help, How-to, Guidelines for using Nova (our website application), and other helpful RPG related information.

Glossary: Places

This glossary is a quick reference for the places and locations created or modified for Sagas of the Wild West. If there is more information on each place or location, clicking the name will take you to that page. Read More links will be added as the articles are developed. A thru E Name/Title Territory/Location Details…

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Average Travel Times

This article will be updated periodically. These are averages based on internet research. This means there are hundreds of thousands of differing opinions! Please do not contact me and harp on how correct or incorrect this article is. I will organize this article into tables with average distances and times when I have the opportunity. Pony…

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Character Creation Form

The form below mirrors the Join/Account form and the Character Creation / Bio form. You may copy/paste the form to a word processing or text doc (you might lose the table formatting) to use while creating your character(s). Replace the help text included in each field with your character’s information. When finished, if you have…

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Cowboy Showcase

This is a quick reference page for items and information that would most often be researched for posts and bios. It is a listing of various pages and articles to aid you in creating a chapter post or character. Nothing replaces doing your own research, but hopefully, this helps. American Legends This is an amazing site…

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Old West Character Archetypes

A large majority of literary, television, and movie characters are based in standard archetypes as is their character journeys. The archetypes vary from genre to genre. In order to help you decide on a character type, please see the list below and use the link to go to TV Tropes – Western Characters to read…

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