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Locations, businesses, and places created specifically for the RPG.

Glossary: Places

This glossary is a quick reference for the places and locations created or modified for Sagas of the Wild West. If there is more information on each place or location, clicking the name will take you to that page. Read More links will be added as the articles are developed. A thru E Name/Title Territory/Location Details…

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Whitefish, Montana

Historical Note The real Whitefish, Montana was not established until 1904. Its development was sparked by the completion of the Great Northern Railroad. RPG Note Rather than wedging in another completely mythological town, we are going to establish Whitefish as part of the Sagas of the Wild West canon. History Like Kalispell to the south, Whitefish was…

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The Steelgraves

Overview The Steelgraves are the embodiment of the wealthy, ruthless, and powerful family that are ubiquitous to the American Western dramas. Although they will be suspected of some of the misdeeds that occur and to be behind other serious crimes, this is mostly OOC (Out of Character) knowledge. Therefore, while they will come under suspicion,…

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Fort Kalispell, Montana Territory

Overview Fort Kalispells’ primary purpose and mission is the protection and defense of the Kalispell region of the Territory of Montana. The fort was converted for military use in 1860 in response to the increase in white settlement and continuing conflict with the region’s indigenous peoples. Commanding Officer Colonel Henry Prestwick Personnel 9th Infantry 2nd…

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Lost Lake Ranch

Basic Information Brand: The Lost Lake Ranch (aka, the Double L) brand is an L and H representing Lost Lake and the Harpers. Owners Cody Harper, Antoinette Harper Jess Harper Cody and his twin sister, Antoinette, own equal parts of one-half of the ranch. Jess Harper is sole owner of the other half. Foreman: Rory McKenna…

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