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Short reference bios for storyteller characters (NPCs), historical figures with altered histories, and any iconic western characters that might appear in various stories.

Carson Tyndall

Character Role  Adversary Status  Living Admin Who May Play  Longshot, Stormwolfe, Others may ask. Created By  Stormwolfe, Longshot Character Use  Carson was created in homage to the brilliant bad guys that Alan Rickman often portrayed. For the purposes of the story, he is an attorney who can use the law for personal gain and can…

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James “Ace” Steelgrave

Character Role  Villain / Enemy Status Living Admin Who May Play Longshot / Stormwolfe, Others by request, mentions are allowed. Created By Stormwolfe / Longshot Character Use  Ace Steelgrave is our psychopathic gunslinger archetype. In modern times, he would profile as a serial killer. He is an implacable enemy. Basic Info Approximate Age  Mid-to-late 30s…

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The Harper Family

This is an expanded history on the Harper family. Since he has a complete bio on the game site, Jess Harper is not included. Lewis and Clark Expedition The Lewis and Clark Expedition from May 1804 to September 1806, also known as the Corps of Discovery Expedition, was the first American expedition to cross what…

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The Steelgraves

Overview The Steelgraves are the embodiment of the wealthy, ruthless, and powerful family that are ubiquitous to the American Western dramas. Although they will be suspected of some of the misdeeds that occur and to be behind other serious crimes, this is mostly OOC (Out of Character) knowledge. Therefore, while they will come under suspicion,…

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