Character Roles

Open Character Roles

The below lists are to help you with character ideas. They are not carved in stone and you are not restricted to what is on the lists. Please browse the Character Directory and read a few of the accepted character bios.

If you have questions or need help deciding on a character, drop in to our Discord chat, PM us, or post your question in our Help Me! forum.

General Characters Wanted

  • Ranchers (large and small spreads)
  • Homesteaders, Farmers (large and small farms)
  • Cowboys and ranch hands
  • Native Americans

Kalispell, Montana

Kalispell is our main town and primary location.

  • White Rose Inn and Cafe: Needs owner and employees.
  • Manager / Owner of the Belle-St. Regis Hotel (5-star)
  • Manager / Owner / Employees of the Kalispell General Store
  • Owner / Manager / Employees of the Glacier Bank
  • Stardust Saloon: Employees needed.
  • Lawmen (marshal, deputy marshals)
  • School teacher
  • Cowboys and ranch hands
  • Preacher, priest, nuns, etc.

Fort Kalispell, Montana

Fictionalized fort because all westerns need a fort.

  • All roles open

Whitefish, Montana

Secondary town and location.

  • Members of the Steelgrave family (villainous).
  • We are not currently populating Whitefish in general.

Outlaws & Villains

  • Note: Be careful! These are great characters to play, but they can wind up lonely! Make sure you can help develop plots for your villain and outlaw.

See our Wanted Canons List.

Not Needed & Prohibited

  • We do not have any prohibited character types. This list will be updated as needed.