Cowboy Showcase

This is a quick reference page for items and information that would most often be researched for posts and bios. It is a listing of various pages and articles to aid you in creating a chapter post or character. Nothing replaces doing your own research, but hopefully, this helps.

American Legends

  • This is an amazing site for fun research into the Old West era in American History, and many other elements of American legends and lore.

Cowboy’s Glossary

Cowboy Showcase

  • This site has more than basic horse and horsemanship information. It’s a great reference, but remember, a great deal of it will be geared toward the modern era, not our story settings.


  • Basic information on various riding styles.


History Timelines

For anyone that just needs a quick reference on when certain events occurred, this is the site for you! Browse and enjoy.

Horse Colors

Horse Terminology II

Old West Slang, Lingo, Phrases

  • Take this as it is meant! This is a reference to aid in adding some authenticity to our writing. Don’t overdo it and don’t take it as carved in stone! Some of the terms listed here are used in a different manner in the classic westerns that our stories are based on! For instance, in most western television shows and movies, tanglefoot means greenhorn, and someone who was fiddlefooted meant they were a drifter or vagabond.

Saloon Girls

  • Think you know everything there is to know about the Painted Cats of the Wild West? Think again! For instance, did you know that most saloon girls were not prostitutes? Many would actually be aghast at the thought of associating with a true prostitute. Read the article! It’s brief and informative.

Horse Anatomy