Glossary: Places

This glossary is a quick reference for the places and locations created or modified for Sagas of the Wild West. If there is more information on each place or location, clicking the name will take you to that page. Read More links will be added as the articles are developed.

A thru E

Name/Title Territory/Location Details
Chogun Mountains Montana Territory The Choguns are a fictional, semi-circular chain of mountains that lie northwest of Kalispell and back up to the Salish Mountain Range. They cradle a vast valley and lake.
Chogun River Montana Territory Fictional river that begins at the eastern edge of Lost Lake. It flows throw the Chogun Valley, Ishmael’s Gate and southeast to Flathead Lake.
Chogun Valley Montana Territory Fictional valley cradled in the arms of the Chogun Mountains. The valley was formed by a volcanic caldera collapse.

F thru L

Name/Title Territory/Location Details
Fort Kalispell Montana Territory Fictional fort that was first established as a trading stockade in the mid-to-late 1700s. Later, it would also host American troops and artillery as well.

The fort was converted to full military use in 1872, prompting the establishment of the town of Kalispell five miles north.

Ishmael’s Gate Montana Territory Ishmael’s Gate is the pass that formed in the eastern Choguns by the Chogun River as it cut a gorge through the eastern Choguns.
Kalispell Montana Territory  Fictional version of the actual Montana city by the same name.
Lost Lake Montana Territory

Chogun Valley

Fictional lake that lies at the head of the Chogun Valley (northwest section). It was formed when a section of the valley subsided into an ancient underground aquifer.
Lost Lake Ranch Montana Territory Lost Lake Ranch, also known as the Double L, was founded by Ishmael Harper in the early 1800s.

M thru P

Name/Title Territory/Location Details

Q thru U

Name/Title Territory/Location Details
Steelgrave Ranch Montana Territory The Steelgrave Ranch lies almost due west of the town of Whitefish. It’s southern border is Bittersweet Creek that runs along the foothills of the northern stretch of the Choguns. The Bittersweet eventually joins with the Chogun.

V thru Z

Name/Title Territory/Location Details
Whitefish Trail Montana Territory Fictional trail / road that runs from Fort Kalispell through Kalispell and on north to Whitefish.

Map Gallery

The majority of the maps were created using Google maps and are not accurate representations of the Montana Territory of the 1800s. The maps created for Sagas are not to scale. Therefore, please take that into account when viewing.