Discord Guidelines

Discord provides us with a very active and fun way to interact, chat about the game(s), plot, plan, work on character development and generally have a really good time. However, we do need a few guidelines just to keep it all fair and equitable.

Rating: Sagas’ RPG rating applies to Discord.

The Sagas Category

This category is for topics and discussions relating to the Sagas of the Wild West RPG. Unless people are talking over the top of one another or there’s a large amount of cross-talking going on. Police yourselves! If several people are talking about different subjects, consider moving to another channel.

Sagas Channels

General-Chat: This is for open discussions between active members of the Sagas RPG. You can also discuss other topics here. However, if you are plotting, please move to the Plotting-Planning channel. It is preferred that discussions center on Sagas of the Wild West, but you won’t be run out of town for talking about other RPGs you’re involved with. Active trolling for members and advertising is prohibited.

Announcements: This channel is where the GMs (game managers) will put up announcements related to the site, the plots, etc. Links to Announcements added at the RPG forums will appear here as well.

Scenes and Posts: Read only feed from the RPG forums. It updates with new threads (scenes) and replies.

Classifieds: This is a quick way to list your character(s)’ availability for doing scenes, request characters, request help with NPCs in a scene, request joint post scenes, etc. If the channel is very active, you may want to pin your request(s). Links to new Wanted Character posts on the forum will show up here too.

Help: Having a problem with Discord or our website? Post and pin the message here. We’ll try to get you an answer and resolution. Be patient as we might have to wait for other resources to respond to us. Links to questions posted in the Help Me forum will show here.

Live-Play: This is for writing out fun in-character live-action skits. These can be anything Sagas related. However, the skits do not have to translate to in-game writing. Live-play is a fun way to explore and develop the characters.

LOA-ELOA: Post time away from the game here by sending an @theplayers announcement. Use the following format: @everyone I will be absent from MM/DD/YYYY to MM/DD/YYYY. If it is an ELOA (extended leave) and you have characters in active scenes, please include a note of what you’d like done (write the characters out of the scene, who can write for you if anyone, etc.).

Plotting-Planning: This is for submitting and discussing ideas for episodes, side stories, character stories, flashbacks, etc. If a conversation starts with an idea, please pin it so we can all read it.

Live-Play Guidelines

  1. Keep Sagas’ RPG rating in mind!
  2. Define your skit/scenario and characters.
  3. Unless prearranged to be a continued scenario, each one is considered new and fresh.
  4. Just to be courteous, ask before joining an in-progress live-play!
  5. Pin your scenario, unpin it when complete.
  6. Remember! What happens in live-play stays in live-play. While you may expand on in-game scenes or threads, live-play skits do not necessarily translate to in-game stories.

Some Lingo

Categories: These show in all capital letters on the left side of your screen (in the regular desktop Discord app) next to the server list. Categories allow us to group specific channels or types of channels together. We have two categories, Sagas and General.

Channels: This is Discord’s method of creating separate topics for discussions. We have several channels with specific topics, but unless there are lots of people in one channel cross-talking over one another, we’ll never boot you out or ask you to move to another channel.

LARP or LP: Live action role play or live-play.

Pin and Pinning: Everyone should be able to pin a message so that you can easily find that discussion again. To the right of the message you want to pin, there is a small menu icon (three dots). Click on this and click the action you want to take (pin, edit, delete). To find your pinned messages, click on the push pin icon at the top of the page. Clicking on a pin, will take you to that message. Please look through and remove your old pins when they are no longer relevant.

Nickname: Your visible name (i.e., screen name) on the Sagas’ server. Members can change their own nicknames. You are welcome to use your Sagas’ character name or a general screen name. It only changes for this server and not for other servers you belong to. We are mainly doing this when we open a live-play discussion, but there are no restrictions on changing them beyond not choosing something vulgar or that falls outside our overall rating.

OOC: Out of Character

OT: Off topic

Reactions: When you move your mouse over a message, two icons appear to the right, an emoji, and the menu dots. Clicking the emoji allows you to choose an emoji and leave a quick reaction to something someone has said. It’s a quick way to react to a conversation.

Roles: These are member groups that control access to the server and the channels on the server. We have Admin, Players, and Members. Admin is self-explanatory. The Players are those members with active, in-play Sagas characters, and Members are guests and those that want to hang and chat with us but might not be joining the game yet.