Joining Sagas

The forms below mirror the Join/Account form and the Character Creation / Bio form. You may copy/paste the form to a word processing or text doc (you might lose the table formatting) to use while creating your character(s). Replace the help text included in each field with your character’s information.


Please read several of the approved character bios, read some of the RPG episodes, and browse the information on this wiki before starting your character.


  1. Read the Rules!
  2. Complete and Submit a Contact Form. We’d like to learn a little about your RPG experience and character concept.
  3. Create an account at the website. We will send you a link to the Join page after we receive the contact form. Follow the directions on this page for completing the Join form.
  4. Complete the character’s bio. We recommend copying the Character Creation form into a GDoc or offline application such as Word. Then, as you complete each section, add it to the online bio at the website. This safeguards your work from computer glitches since the web form does not autosave.
  5. When the bio is complete, notify us and we will review and make recommendations for changes. Although we have a GM, we’re a collaborative group so others might be asked to look at the bio and make suggestions. The goal is to make sure the character fits the RPG and that you have plenty of opportunities for writing and in-character interactions.
  6. Write and submit a Sample Role Play. This is the final step and until your SRP has been reviewed, you will not be allowed to start writing.


We do approvals in three steps:

  1. Account: This simply sets up your account at our Nova RPG site. As long as you filled out the first two tabs of the form correctly, it will be approved. If the birth date is left blank, it will be rejected immediately!
  2. Character: Once your character’s bio is complete, it needs to be reviewed so that we can make sure it lines up with the RPG’s premise and setting. We do not shred bios to ribbons. Instead, we try to provide helpful input based on our knowledge of past game-play and upcoming story plans.
  3. Sample Role Play: This is the final step before you can actively join in plotting, planning, and story writing. We need to see how you intend to write your character. As this becomes part of the RPG story for your character, we will make suggestions to get it in-line with the rest of the RPG. SRPs are only rejected if there are excessive grammar and spelling errors. Let us know if English is not your first language so we can take that into account when reviewing your SRP.

Join Disclaimer

Members are expected to follow the rules and regulations of the RPG at all times, both in character and out of character. By continuing, you affirm that you will roleplay in a proper and adequate manner.

Members who choose to make ultra short posts, post very infrequently, or write posts with explicit content (above PG-13) will be removed immediately, and by continuing, you agree to this.

In addition, in compliance with the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act of 1998 (COPPA), we do not accept players under the age of 18. Any players found to be under the age of 18 will be immediately removed without question.

By clicking Agree, you are agreeing to these terms, you are also saying that you are above the age of 18.

Join Instructions

  1. Read the Rules! Ignorance is not bliss.
  2. You must be 18 years of age to join. It’s in the Rules.
  3. Fill in the Date of Birth with your Birth Year or the application will be rejected. Rejections delete all content.
  4. Complete at least the first two tabs before hitting Submit. You can return to the bio and complete it after your account is approved.

This step only sets up your game account and character bio form. You may not post in the RPG until your character and sample role play have been completed, submitted, reviewed, and approved.

You must complete the first two tabs in order to set up your account at the game site. You can return to edit the bio information after your account has been approved.

Once your account has been set up, we ask that you join one or both of our OOC platforms. Discord is preferred since it is live text chat via private messaging or a group chat channel. You may choose to join our OOC Discussion Group at Google Groups if you prefer to correspond entirely via email.

User Information Tab (Join Form)


List the Name or Screen Name that you wish to have used on all sites related to the RPG. This is how GMs and Players will refer to you.

Email Address

This must be a valid email address that you check daily! It is also your game site login. We recommend using the same email address for the OOC Group (unless you have a regular Google Account) and the game’s wiki.


Choose something easy for you to remember. We recommend that you use the same password for the OOC (unless you have a regular Google Account) and the game’s wiki.

After your account is approved, you will need to go into your account settings and set up your Secret Question so that you can recover and reset your password.

*Date of Birth!!

Birth year only! Your account will be rejected if you do not include this information! Please do not put your full birth date. We only need the year.

Instant Messenger(s)

If you would like others to find you via an Instant Messenger, you can list them here. Put each IM on a separate line. Include which IM client it is and your ID so that you can be found. This information is only viewable by registered users.

Submit | Next Step

  • Do NOT click Submit. Click Next Step or the Character Tab.

Character Tab

First Name

Character’s first name or the name that everyone knows them by.

Middle Name

Optional: Character’s Middle Name. If the character goes by their middle name, that should be listed as their First Name. Leave blank if not using.

Last Name

Character’s Last Name (If married, their maiden name will be listed in Aliases). This field is optional for characters such as Native Americans who might not have a surname.

Suffix (NOT USED)


  • Choose Bio Pending


  • Leave at Default.

Submit | Next Step

  • If you are still working on your character’s bio, you may click Submit. An email will be sent to the Game Manager. Once your account is approved, you can return to the game site to complete the bio portion.

Character Info Tab (Bio Form)

The character’s bio needs to contain enough information to make it a good and detailed reference for other members of the RPG. We do not want characters that cannot be easily written into new plots or that winds up isolated from the other characters making it difficult or impossible for them to form IC relationships.

Please use the below characters as guidelines for completing your bio(s).

We also suggest you look at our the Old West Character Archetypes page as it provides great ideas for character types.

It is strongly recommended that you complete the bio in a word document or text document and copy/paste it to the bio form at the game site. Click Submit often to save your work.

Basic Info

General Information

Aliases List aliases, nicknames, full birth name (if character goes by a middle name, alias, or maiden name). Include which characters or STCs would know them and use them.
Gender Choose male or female.
Birthdate Character’s full birth date (MM/DD/YYYY), game year starts in 1875.
Age List age in years. This field needs updated as the game year changes.
Marital Status Choose from the following: Single, Married, Engaged, Common Law, Divorced, Widow, Widower
Residence List current residence, alternate residences, and original birth place.

Physical Appearance

Height Feet and Inches (6’4″)
Build Choose One: Petite, Small, Medium, Large Massive.
Hair Color List hair color and describe the hair (include texture, wavy, straight, highlights, lowlights, etc.)
Eye Color List eye color and describe the eyes (size, shape, special color features, brows, lashes).
Description Use only if you do not use an image as the character’s avatar.

Profession & Skills


Employment List current employer, type of employment, position, and former work if pertinent to the story.
Professional Skills List or describe the skills related to the character’s line of work.


Self Defense List and describe the character’s self defense skills, include a list of commonly used weapons if applicable.
Hobbies & Interests General hobbies and interests (art, reading, embroidery, etc.).


Personality & Traits

Character Traits List at least 4 primary personality traits (calm, intelligent, quick-tempered, etc.).
General Personality Describe the traits you listed in the previous field. Please include both positive and negative aspects of each trait.



Spouse List current spouse or former spouse and details such as date of death, date married, etc. Leave blank if not applicable.
Children List children’s names, ages, and status (living or deceased). Leave blank if not applicable.
Father List name and brief details. If a foster, adopted, or step-parent, add that information too.
Mother List name and brief details. If a foster, adopted, or step-parent, add that information too.
Brother(s) List name(s) and brief details. Leave blank if N/A.
Sister(s) List name(s) and brief details. Leave blank if N/A.
Other Family List additional pertinent family members here (aunts, uncles, grandparents, nieces, nephews, etc.). Include brief details: living/deceased, age, relationship.

Friends and Foes

Friends If you have contacted other Players and have their agreement for connections between your character and theirs, list those here with brief details.
Foes List played and non-played foes. If your character is going to have an adversarial or contentious relationship with another played character and you have the Player’s approval, list that here too.


Personal History

Detailed history in timeline format (hint: See Jess’s bio). You do not have to write a novel, but we do need to be able to reference when and where your character has been, what they’ve done, and why they have come to Kalispell or Fort Kalispell.

OOC Notes

Character Notes

General Notes Any general notes and references you want for yourself or other Players.
Animals & Pets If the character has a horse or horses, housepets, etc.
Character Concept Give a brief overview of your character concept, how you see them interacting in the game stories, etc. Include information such as their basis or if they are a totally original concept.
Avatar Celebrity name and character they played if used – or – state original artwork.

Sample Role Play

Your sample role play is your very first post. It is preferred that you set it inline with the current Sagas’ story, but it may also be a character flashback. It must portray your character as they will be written initially in the game’s stories. It is expected that the character will evolve and develop after this initial post.


  1. Writing Point of View: 3rd Person, Past Tense
  2. Minimum Length: 3 to 5 full paragraphs.
  3. Technical: Should be written in English with correct punctuation, spelling, and grammar. Text speech is strictly prohibited. Double space between paragraphs.
  4. Setting / Content: The scene can be set at any point in the character’s life up to our current game time period (no flash forwards allowed). It should, however, be relevant to the the game’s setting and premise.
  5. Characters: Your character and any NPCs that you create for the SRP. You may not use any of the other members’ characters without permission. Other Players may prefer to do a joint scene with your rather than allow you to write their characters. This will take longer so allow for time.