Character Creation

Character Types

Sagas designates three character types or roles.

Main Characters

These are the characters that correspond to the leading cast in a television show or movie. They get the most scenes, the best stories, and most screen time. You should designate a main character as your Master Account. These characters require the most detailed bios.

Supporting Characters

These characters fall midway between main characters and NPCs. These characters have regular recurring roles and have the potential for having their own storylines. Their bios need to be fairly detailed, but do not require the same level of detail as a main character.


NPC stands for non-player character although that is rather misleading as there can be NPCs used by only one player and get routine play. These characters can be one-offs such as bartenders, saloon girl, barber, etc. If they have a minor but recurring role, you may want to create a short reference bio for them. This way other players know they cannot use that specific NPC and there is enough information to keep their play consistent. Most common NPCs are family members of a main or supporting character.

It is highly recommended that you read the documentation in our Begin Here wiki category and browse our Approved Characters’ bios before starting your first character bio (aka Character Page). If you get stuck, contact Admin via a PM, Discord, or post your question in Help Me!

Important! You have two weeks from the date of starting your character’s bio to complete it and submit it for approval.

Face Claims

  • Playby Directory: Check here for all active face claims.
  • Pending Approvals: Check here for playbys that are reserved (just in case the lone GM has not updated the directory yet).

Starting Your Bio

You need to have a complete and approved character bio in order to start writing. Since Sagas does not use ‘plotter or ‘shipper apps, your bio needs to be reasonably detailed. This is the main way that other members of the RPG can see if connections between your character(s) and theirs might work. Good bios generate good plot ideas.

  1. Register an account under the name of your primary character (first and last name). Directions can be found here.
  2. Go to our Character Creation forum and click on the Character Application/Bio form at the top of the page.
  3. Read the instructions at the top of the form!
  4. Fill out as much of the form as you can and click save. Don’t worry about not getting it all done. You can come back and edit it and add images later.
  5. The form will magically create a top in the Character Creation forum.
  6. If you did not complete it, you can now edit it.

You have two weeks from the date of submission to complete your bio.

Bio Completion

  1. Once all fields are completed to your satisfaction, add a reply to the bio to bump it.
  2. The Game Manager (Shade Thornton/Stormwolfe) will review it. If any changes need to be made, you will be PM’d or DM’d via Discord. Requested changes can be discussed, but please do not argue with the admin about them.
  3. Once the bio is approved, Shade will create your character page.

Character Page (Bio)

The Character Directory is where completed and approved bios are housed. It is also where all future updates and changes to your character need to be made. The quickest way to access it is by hovering your mouse over Characters in the site’s main navbar. A dropdown will display our character categories. Choose the one you want to view.

The game manager (Shade) will create your character page for you after your bio has been approved. The link will be sent to you via PM on the site or DM via Discord.

All future updates will be done via your character page(s).

Tips & Tricks

  1. You may work on your bio online or offline. Whichever one you choose, save your work often to avoid losing it in the event of a computer glitch!
  2. Offline: Go to Downloads, choose the format that works for your computer (.rtf, .txt, or PDF), download it, complete it and copy it into your character’s page. When complete, you will need to copy/paste it into the Character Application/Bio form per the steps in Starting Your Bio.
  3. Character Images: Upload a 250px (wide) X 350px (high) image of your character (2nd field). You may also add other images to your character’s bio. Please keep images to 650px wide or less. Admin will gladly help you with sizing your images.
  4. Use one of the Approved Character bios as a template for your own. Make sure you are using the right one (Main, Supporting, NPC).