New Member Orientation

The following information has been compiled to help new members and prospective new members find their way around Sagas of the Wild West, introduce them to the websites and the game, and aid in character creation. It is strongly recommended that the following information be reviewed prior to submitting a character bio for approval.

RPG Rules

  • Make sure that you understand our group’s rules, policies, and procedures.

Episode 1 (our first story)

  • Reading some or all of the scenes included in the first episode will help you with ideas for how your character will fit in, what niche it will fill, and if there would be ample interactive writing opportunities.

To find the completed episode…

  1. Go to the Sagas of the Wild West game site.
  2. Click on Seasons in the main menu (top of page).
  3. Click on The Long Road Home (episode 1).
  4. Clicking on the Summary tab will give you a decent synopsis of that episode.
  5. Click on the Posts tab to view all the posts in this episode.

Note: Posts are listed in reverse order – newest to oldest. To read in story order, scroll to the bottom and click on the last title. The site provides arrows for easy navigation between posts.You should also read some of the posts in the current episode also.

Approved Characters

  • Our character bios are living documents. As the characters and our vision of them grow and develop, their biographies are updated. Reading the bios also helps new members decide how and where their character fits with the other characters and in the overall story.

To find approved character bios…

  1. Go to the Sagas of the Wild West game site.
  2. Click on Cast (top of page).
  3. Scroll through the character index cards.
  4. Click on the character’s name or image to see the full bio.

Sagas’ Wiki

  • We are changing as little as we can regarding actual historical events. However, there are a few things that have been altered, and we have added some information pertinent to our setting and premise.

To find the wiki…

  1. Go to the Sagas of the Wild West game site.
  2. Click on Wiki (top of page).
  3. Click on Wiki Index to browse a list of articles.

The Joining Sagas page includes the form for creating an account on the website and the Character Creation form (aka character bio).