Playby Directory

General Guidelines

Here at Sagas, we love images of your character(s)! We accept images of celebrities or well-done original artwork (no animé or cartoons please). We ask that the playby image you choose be suitable for the RPG’s era (1870s). Please do not choose images that shows the character using a cell phone, modern weapons, etc.

We do not have a reserved playby list. Your faceclaim is considered reserved when your character page is created. Once the character has been approved into play, the playby will be added to this list.

Reserved Playbys can be viewed in the Pending Approvals directory.

Image Dimensions

  • Main Character Page Image: 250px (wide) x 350px (high)
  • General bio images: Please do not exceed 650px in width.

A thru I

Playby Name Character Name Player Name
Anson Mount Henry Speed Guyer  Flip
Barbara Stanwyck Kathryn Hale Stormwolfe
Ben Foster Barnabas Pike Flip
Clara Paget Adelaide Chappel Bongo
Chow Yun Fat Alistair Fang Longshot
Dominique McElligott Josephine Mercer Thena
Hailee Steinfeld Clara Redmond  Wayfarer

J thru L

Playby Name Character Name Player Name
Jeff Bridges Duke McCallister Duke
John McIntire Ezra Hale Stormwolfe
Kasha Kropinski Matilda Devereau Wayfarer
Luke Evans Jonah Danforth Bongo

M thru P

Playby Name Character Name Player Name
Michele Carey Hannah Cory Stormwolfe
Molly Parker Harriet G. Mercer Stormwolfe
Pernell Roberts Quentin Cantrell Longshot

Q thru T

Playby Name Character Name Player Name
Robert Fuller Shade Thornton Stormwolfe
Robert SheehanR Robert Cullen Wayfarer
Sam Elliot Travis Morgan (Pending) Longshot
Sean Bean Adalwin Stahl Valandhir (ELOA)
Timothy Olyphant Aurelian Redmond Wayfarer
Titus Welliver Ralph Flandry Wayfarer
Tom Selleck Hunter Morgan Stormwolfe

V thru Z

Playby Name Character Name Player Name