Sagas and the American Civil War

After having a conversation with our Assistant Game Manager, we thought it a good idea to send a short note to the group regarding how we’re treating the American Civil War at Sagas of the Wild West.

Basically, we are not going to try to whitewash history. The American Civil War happened. It is a part of American History. However, our modern political points of view need to be kept out of game writing. Our opinions may influence the type of character we create, but we are not going to replicate the Civil War in the game or bring the modern contentious political atmosphere into it.

Sagas is set ten years after the Civil War. We chose the time period as it was right in the middle of the Wild West era. It is long enough after the war to have much of the issues settled, but near enough to it that many of the characters were involved in some manner. The political points of view of the characters should be neutral or representative of the period of history in which we are writing.

Game Management does not care which side of the war the characters were involved in if they were involved at all. The only caveat is that we are not going to tolerate constant game-disruptive tension and contention due to their past associations or their political perspectives. We welcome characters from both sides of that particular conflict.

We have also had an inquiry or two regarding having military characters involved. This is fine if there is a way to fit them into stories. Remember, a soldier’s activities will be dictated by their orders. If you’re creative enough to involve them without getting them court-martialed, military personnel are welcome in the game.

A quick scan of history documents online shows no forts or garrisons close to where we’ve set Kalispell in the Montana Territory. No problemo! Since the town of Kalispell also does not yet exist, we can establish a mythical fort and its support facilities or even a small settlement called Fort Kalispell. If there’s interest in this, we can do a brief write-up on it (I’ll need help with that), find images of a comparable fort of that era, and add it to the Sagas’ wiki. Kalispell township was not established until the early 1890s. This will be updated with a link to Fort Kalispell’s page once it has been created.

If there are additional or specific questions that were not covered by this information, please use the site’s Contact Us form to contact game management.